The 1979 World 600 was the first sell-out in NASCAR history! each race during this period saw dramatically increased attendance, and every 600 race since 1979 has been sold out. 1983: The Camel GT 500 – largest gate in the history of IMSA racing. At the 1987 600 event, Charlotte Motor Speedway installed 10,000 additional grandstand seats and, at 2:30 p.m. (2 hours after the race had started), had to turn away walk-in traffic from the tunnel entrance to the infield).

  • NASCAR Program:Sponsorship required an increase in market share, among event attendees, to 12.5% from a base of 8.55 to break even.Results: Year 1 – Share of Market increased to 22.4% (9.9 points above payout)
    Results: Year 3 – Share of Market increased to 34.5% (22 points above payout)
  • PRCA Rodeo:Test / control measurements were not possible since the program existed previously. However, Wrangler share surpassed Levi share in rodeo-impact states for the first time ever.
  • NTPA Tractor Pull:Sponsorship required an increase in market share, among readers of Pull magazine, to 16% from a base of 10.7% to break even.Results: Year 1 – Share of Market increased to over 25% (9 points above payout)
  • SupercrossResults: Year – One Goals exceeded by 17% above payout.


1986 – Procter & Gamble’s Crisco brand signs Morris International as Special Events and Sports Marketing agency. We sign the Buddy Baker race team to promote the Crisco brand shortening throughout the NASCAR season. Marketing and promotional tools include the “Join the Crisco Racing Team” Sweepstakes, Free Race Hat in-store displays, and a highly successful Show Car program.

  • Crisco NASCAR Program:

    Program required a significant volume increase to payout.
    Results: Year 2 – According to company sources, “We are well above payout numbers….”
  • Tide NASCAR Program:

    Morris International’s Tide NASCAR program generated a 37% sales increase in the Southeast market in year one. This is the single largest increase in Procter & Gamble’s Tide brand business ever!



1990 to 1993

  • Build Western Auto awareness/image among Do-It-Yourselfers age 25-54.
  • Generate exposure for Western Auto that ranks in top 10 of NASCAR sponsors. .
  • Generate incremental store traffic/sales via NASCAR program/promotions.
  • Generate employee and dealer involvement, pride, excitement and motivation.

First Year Results:

    • Western Auto ranked first in awareness among auto stores.
    • Western Auto ranked 10th overall in unaided awareness among all NASCAR sponsors including such long-term sponsors as Budweiser, STP, Tide, Skoal and Goodwrench in the first year. We generated over $15 million in exposure value for Western Auto in 1991.


      (In addition, the Western Auto car generated strong awareness for its co-sponsor ACDelco. 44.6% of all fans identified ACDelco as an associate sponsor on the car. The second highest response, 27.95, linked ACDelco with the Goodwrench car.)


  • Core NASCAR market sales for Western Auto are now trending above other markets.
  • Western Auto employees and dealers are firmly behind the program, and Western Auto has recognized significant positive impact on employee morale and enthusiasm.

Craftsman Truck


Craftsman Tools 1990 to 1993 Morris International brings Craftsman into major motorsports as the “Official Tools of NASCAR, NHRA and IndyCar.” As part of our overall motorsports marketing program for Sears, Morris International… Read more